L.C. Nguyen (artxhag) wrote,
L.C. Nguyen

i'm fucking sorry that on some days the only thing i look forward to is being able to hear your voice if even for a little bit. if i had it my way you would be the first thing i saw in the morning and the last before i finally drift off to sleep. i'm sorry that this distance is turning me into a crazy woman desperate for your attention but i just want to connect. laugh. joke around. make up stupid stories and situations, like we always do. my days and nights here are filled with the monotanous and mundane. i'm not happy or passionate like i was when i'm home with you. i'm a drone that works and trudges off to class just to make it through the week so i can finally make it home to you on the weekend. so i'm sorry if i can't fully explain to you why talking to you on the phone is so important to me. if i could find a way to care less about you, i would because honestly, loving you the way i do, sometimes, simply makes me miserable.
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